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Jemma 5

Jemma 5: Entertainment with Jem, Book 5 by Clarissa Carlyle

Entertainment with Jem, Book 5

Jemma Larsen has blogged her way into the job of her dreams! As a writer for a mega magazine, she earns big ka-ching which provides a crazy good living for her and her brother, Robbie. However, the rest of her life can use a little TLC-she and her boyfriend, Hollywood hunk, Daniel Starke, are seriously on the outs. To make matters worse, his ex, Lexi, is stirring up trouble again, not only derailing Jemma’s livelihood,…

Jemma 4

Entertainment with Jem, Book 4

Ever since she met Daniel, Jemma’s life has been a hot mess! Whenever she and the reality show hottie are in the same room, the temperature soars to a blistering heat wave that drives Jemma and Daniel crazy for each other. Unfortunately, Jemma and Daniel’s relationship sparks jealousy with a capital J in an angry rival blogger as well as Daniel’s skanky ex, Lexi. Now, Jemma and Daniel are plastered all over the web, newspapers…

Jemma 3

Entertainment with Jem, Book 3

Jem’s life is a full-on soap opera! The now famous blogger chick’s rollercoaster relationship with reality show hunk, Daniel, her constant fear of losing custody of her brother and the steamy attention of rock star hottie, Jasper, are all taking their toll. In a shocking about face, Daniel suggests they take a break until his current show is over. Jem sees it for what it is: the big break-up in a nice way. She saves…

Jemma 2

Entertainment with Jem, Book 2

Who could imagine meeting the man of their dreams would fuel the biggest blogging rivalry the virtual world has seen? When Jemma Larsen meets superstar hottie Daniel Starke it’s like Christmas and the 4th of July-all in one white hot moment-and they can’t keep their hands off each other! Jemma’s relationship with Daniel draws rival blogger, Ali, into a vendetta that spills over into real life and makes Jemma an internet sensation. If that’s not…