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Lessons in Love Boxed Set

(Includes all 3 books in the Lessons in Love series)

Read the complete “LESSONS IN LOVE” series today in one book, for one discounted price. The Lessons in Love series is a three part New Adult Romance, Coming of Age story by Clarissa Carlyle. All 3 parts are now collected into this one bundle. “Lessons in Love has a feel-good and compelling plot that could easily be made into a movie. It’s most highly recommended!” — 5 Stars from Readers’ Favorite This was a clean…

Designing Emma

The Complete Series Box Set

Designing Emma Boxed Set This boxed set includes all 6 books in the Designing Emma series- at a greatly reduced price! Emma has fought long and hard to create a life worthy of something, and now her dreams are finally coming true. Proud founder and owner of the fledgling fashion company, Delacourt Designs, she feels that she can conquer the world. Her two best friends, Daniel and Damion, are at her side as she ventures…

Designing Emma

(Volume 1)

Volume 1 in the Designing Emma series Also available in the boxed set: *** Volume 1 in this series is a quick read of 9,500 words *** With her two best friends, Daniel and Damion, at her side, Emma finally feels as if all her dreams are coming true. Her fledgling fashion company, Delacourt Designs, is finding its feet and a love she never imagined is beckoning. Yet just when Emma’s life seems to…

Lessons in Love

Lessons in Love has been featured in Glamour and ELLE magazines, and has achieved a 5-Star Badge rating from Readers’ Favorite. Book 1 in the Lessons in Love New Adult Romance series. Alex Heron has more secrets than a cat has lives. Keeping up with the charade that’s her life is draining and her façade is cracking under the stress. She’s the American teen dream-blonde, blue-eyed and head cheerleader at her high school, but no […]